A breakthrough electric vehicle ecosystem.

Paul Leibold & Peter Naumann

"We dream of changing the world – a world where everyone has access to an electric vehicle."
Paul Leibold, CEO (left) and Peter Naumann, ACM vehicle designer

Purpose and mission.

Find out what drives us.

Our mission is to provide universal access to affordable electric vehicles in cities across the world.
Thereby, we want to address the issue of climate change and overall improvement of quality of life.

This is achieved by the best German engineering, designing the most versatile vehicle with the lowest possible cost that does not require any fast charging infrastructure.

What does it take to realise the mission?

EV ecosystem

A unique EV ecosystem which helps to reduce the total cost of ownership as well as creating new sources of income for fleet owners through:

  • A simple multi-purpose city fleet electric vehicle
  • Fleet platform for B2B pool-sharing
  • EV charging solutions with existing infrastructure / without fast chargers

Network economy approach

ACM brings together the strongest industry players in e-mobility under a network economy approach, including:

  • MHP – A Porsche Company (EV platform partner)
  • World leading production partner
  • Experienced and lean ACM team with strong backgrounds in automotive and mobility

For more information, have a look at our investor information:
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A promising approach.

Many investors have joined our journey, seeing great potential in the ACM solution.

Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann,
former CEO of Opel and Investor of ACM

"At some point, you reach a stage in vehicle development and production where it doesn't get any cheaper, no matter how much extra effort you put in. The total cost of ownership, also known as TCO, can only be further reduced for fleet operators and thus ultimately for the end customer, if additional services and new revenue streams are developed. ACM achieves this by intelligently connecting the EV vehicle fleet."

ACM builds up on many years of research excellence.

Co-funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi),
6 vehicle prototypes and a surrounding vehicle ecosystem were developed and tested.

ACM History

In 2015, ACM was designated as e-mobility "Lighthouse project" of the German Government,
and in 2017, it was awarded as "Best German mobility startup" in India.

In October 2020, the final vehicle design was presented.
Now, we are ready for series production.

For more information, visit our former research project page:
ACM Research