Adaptive City Mobility GmbH, the company bringing affordable electric mobility for all, today announces that it has entered into an agreement with Magna International Inc. (Magna) to provide the first phase of the series engineering development for the ACM CITY ONE. This announcement signals the next step in Adaptive City Mobility bringing its vision of the second wave of e-mobility - universal access to affordable electric vehicles - to fruition.

Through its Complete Vehicles expertise gained from more than 120 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing, Magna is the ideal partner for Adaptive City Mobility to lead series development of the company’s revolutionary electric vehicle.

The collaboration will advance further the concept development of the ACM CITY ONE vehicle. To date, ACM and Magna have successfully worked together on production feasibility, engineering feasibility, and in April 2021 began to work together on the first phase of series development of the ACM’s vehicle as a global M1 class solution for affordable electric mobility. All these steps support Adaptive City Mobility towards realizing the planned production of the vehicle.

This development agreement is significant as ACM works to bring a solution to the global challenge of lacking grids for fast charging, with serial production anticipated to begin in 2023. The elegant energy solution of ACM CITY ONE combines home charging and swappable batteries to range-extender swappable batteries, solving the electrification challenge without waiting for sufficient numbers of fast chargers, especially in the emerging markets of the world.

The unique, modular design of the ACM CITY ONE, which can be converted from a car to a van in two simple steps, can carry either up to four passengers next to the driver or loads of up to 1450 litres in volume (even on a Euro pallet with mechanical operations if desired).

This is combined with the vehicle’s versatile operation systems which allow for intelligent home charging combined with a battery changing system. This highly integrated and complex system makes the ACM CITY ONE the ideal vehicle for a broad number of applications, from ride hailing to shared mobility fleets. Fleets are supported by an integrated B2B pool-sharing platform that optimizes vehicle utilization and ensures 24/7 energy supply for operators. To further make the ACM CITY ONE as adaptable as possible, each vehicle is connected with an operator platform, which controls the individual vehicles and optimally uses the potential of the fleet.

The series vehicle will also be presented to the general audience for the first time in September 2021, as a part of the prestigious IAA MOBILITY event in Munich - the world’s largest mobility show.

Founder and CEO of Adaptive City Mobility, Paul Leibold comments, “We are thrilled to take this significant step forward in bringing the ACM CITY ONE to the market. We look forward to bringing the expertise and capabilities of this leading complete vehicle supplier to bolster our mission of making electric transportation truly accessible on a global scale.”

“As a unique vehicle, the ACM CITY ONE is one which requires a unique approach to serial production. Magna’s engineering expertise is perfectly suited in bringing to fruition - on a mass scale - the ecosystem of this specialised vehicle, from the adaptive structure through to the operation systems.”

Magna is the latest supplier to join Adaptive City Mobility for the series development of the ACM CITY ONE. ACM follows a network economy approach, which will bring together the strongest industry players - which, to date, includes Porsche subsidiary MHP and respected automotive executive, Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann - from different segments to ensure the functionality of this complex ecosystem.