Munich, June 23 2021 – Adaptive City Mobility GmbH [ACM], is progressing further along in its journey to ensure affordable electric mobility for all following the introduction of its serial product, the ACM CITY ONE, a compact and multifunctional fleet vehicle for urban areas. The company today reveals an in-depth look at this breakthrough vehicle, which plays a significant role in the company’s vision for the second wave of e-mobility - universal access to affordable electric vehicles. The company also announces the support of Porsche subsidiary, MHP as well as respected automotive executive, Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann.

An industry first, ACM has designed an entire e-vehicle ecosystem consisting of the electric vehicle, the energy supply and their intelligent networking that provides the data for this ecosystem to function. Through this approach, ACM is addressing the market for fleet vehicles, which have the capability of covering both transport and passenger logistics. Conceivable in the future are cross-fleet bookability, maintenance offers, data based insurance, fleet energy management and, as an additional source of revenue, advertising on the display panel at the rear of the ACM CITY ONE.

To make the ACM CITY ONE as versatile as possible, each vehicle is connected with a digital platform. It helps with data based services for the individual vehicles and optimally uses their potential as a fleet.

The network economy approach created by and unique to ACM, will bring together the strongest industry players from different segments to ensure the functionality of this complex ecosystem, which has been achieved by no other to date.

Digitalization experts from Porsche subsidiary, MHP are contributing their extensive knowledge to the development of this system, which will help avoid empty runs and massively increase capacity utilization. Using experience from developing pioneering mobility and manufacturing solutions for a multitude of companies from international corporate groups to disruptive start-ups, MHP will help in the development of the digital platform for the ACM CITY ONE.

Ex-Opel CEO and investor in ACM, Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, works as an advisor to ACM and will be using his over three decades of experience in supporting the overall business model and fundraising for the company. Neumann’s experience includes his role as the CEO of the tradition-rich automaker Opel, from 2013 to 2017. His exemplary background in mobility also includes his position as General Motors Executive Vice President and President Europe, as well as a member of the GM Executive Committee. Prior to joining Opel Neumann was previously with Volkswagen AG, where he was CEO and Vice President of Volkswagen Group China in Beijing.

Speaking on these latest developments, Paul Leibold, the Founder and CEO of ACM said, “Working with renowned partners like MHP brings us one step closer to making e-mobility accessible in a reasonable form in all cities around the world. This is a significant development in our contribution to enabling climate-friendly transportation worldwide.”

Dr. Markus Kirchler, Partner and Member of the MHP Board of Management is pleased: “Innovative and sustainable e-mobility is crucial for us and coming generations. Following MHP’s purpose Enabling a Better Tomorrow we are proud to be a partner of ACM CITY ONE, providing our digital competence to make climate-friendly transportation excellent.”

Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann, said: "At some point, you reach a stage in vehicle development and production where it doesn't get any cheaper, no matter how much extra effort you put in”, he added "The total cost of ownership also known as TCO, can only be further reduced for fleet operators and thus ultimately for the end customer, if additional services and new revenue streams are developed. ACM achieves this by intelligently connecting the EV vehicle fleet."


With its modular design, the ACM CITY ONE can be transformed from a car to a van in just a few steps - and intelligent home charging combined with a battery changing system make the electric vehicle (EV) extremely versatile in operation. The ACM CITY ONE thus becomes the ideal vehicle for ride hailing and shared mobility fleets, supported by the fleets being integrated into a B2B pool-sharing platform that optimizes vehicle utilization and ensures 24/7 energy supply for operators. With a maximum speed of 110Km/h and just 3.6m length it is just right for our increasingly congested cities. It can be converted in two simple steps to carry either up to four passengers next to the driver or loads of up to 1450 liters in volume (even on a Euro pallet with a fork lift if desired). In this way, an ACM CITY ONE can transport commuters during rush hour and then distribute goods in the city as a van.

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About Adaptive City Mobility GmbH

ACM is developing an innovative platform for urban electric mobility with its network partners. For this purpose, the company developed the most efficient city fleet vehicle available on the market. ACM's team of experienced experts enables the deployment of the ACM CITY ONE in an ecosystem of vehicle users, fleet operators, service providers, energy suppliers, insurers and advertising partners to create affordable and sustainable mobility and logistics solutions worldwide.


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