Winner of the German Design Award

Munich, December 13 2021 – Adaptive City Mobility (ACM) has won an award at the German Design Awards 2022 from the German Design Council. The visionary and energy-efficient electric vehicle CITY ONE, designed by Prof. Peter Naumann, was named Winner in the category "Excellent Product Design – Conceptional Transportation". With its worldwide spectrum and international appeal, the German Design Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the design landscape across all industries.

ACM CEO Paul Leibold said: “We are very thankful that the German Design Council adjudged ACM’s CITY ONE as a winner. The visionary experts at the German Design Council saw the CITY ONE as a contrasting style to that of the mainstream automobiles. We developed it specifically for the city and the special needs of urban traffic. That’s why it is light, and therefore, particularly energy efficient. The CITY ONE is designed to be easy to repair and inexpensive to maintain, making it more versatile than any other small electric car. Its design allows not only the best usability of space and the highest level of practicality, but it is also friendly and timeless.”

With its innovative, flexible, and cost-effective concept, the ACM CITY ONE is intended to be used primarily in emerging markets that lack adequate charging infrastructure. The CITY ONE can be charged via a household socket and is therefore completely independent from fast charging infrastructure. Its intelligent battery technology allows its use around the clock. Finally, in addition to a built-in battery, the CITY ONE has four swappable batteries that can be changed manually by any individual in a few moments in order to keep supplementing its range.

An intelligent data platform also enables its users to manage vehicles and energy supply in real time, even across different user groups. This way, the efficiency and profitability of fleet operators are optimally supported.

ACM wants to make a valuable contribution to the fight against climate change. With the CITY ONE, electromobility will be quickly and comprehensively accessible to everyone, all over the world. ACM humbly accepts this award and aims to continually work on innovative, climate-friendly and user-centric design.

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About Adaptive City Mobility GmbH

ACM is building an innovative platform for urban electric mobility with its network partners. For this purpose, the company developed the most efficient city fleet vehicle available on the market. ACM's team of experienced experts enables the deployment of the ACM CITY ONE in an ecosystem of vehicle users, fleet operators, service providers, energy suppliers, insurers and advertising partners to create affordable and sustainable mobility and logistics solutions worldwide.