The electric city fleet vehicle for the world.


Global partnerships

Worldwide, fleet operators and companies have signed MoUs for the production of more than 230,000 vehicles

Increasing market demand

The global launch of the CITY ONE at IAA 2021 sparkled new interest from all continents – more MoUs to be signed soon

Universal press coverage

Over 350 media outlets out of 50 countries have reported about the CITY ONE as one of the top highlights of IAA 2021

Featured in

Deutsche Welle

IAA 2021: Top 5 Cars and Concepts at the Munich Auto Show

Best Electric Vehicle

live @IAA Mobility 2021


“If less is more, then the CITY ONE is more car than you’ve ever seen before!
This car is small, efficient, eye-catching, tough, and yeah — it’s electric.“

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“The best new electric car is a tiny little beast that can swap batteries in 3 minutes!“

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Winner of the German Design Award.

Outstanding style. Visionary purpose. Timeless design.

Winner of the German Design Award

For its innovative, flexible and energy-efficient vehicle concept, the CITY ONE has been awarded Winner in the category “Excellent Product Design – Conceptional Transportation” of the German Design Awards 2022, the premium award of the German Design Council.

The CITY ONE has been designed for a worldwide usage, even in emerging countries which have no adequate charging infrastructure. The CITY ONE is purpose-built for the city and sets a counterpoint to mainstream automobile styling: Functional, robust and generously minimalistic.

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This is the ONE.

The ride-hailing EV for passenger and cargo transport with unlimited range.

ONE for the global home plug.

E-mobility worldwide. No fast chargers needed.

"Without a worldwide switch to a zero emissions electric fleet, we will not meet the Paris Climate targets."
Rob de Jong, UNEP Head of air quality and mobility (2019)

ONE for the global home plug

Power plug: 5 hours – Home plug: 8 hours

Power charging
5 hours

Home charging
8 hours

Power charging
5 hours

Power plug: 5 hours – Home plug: 8 hours

Home charging
8 hours

ONE for unlimited range.

240 + 120 km. Solving the biggest problems of e-mobility.

ONE for unlimited range

Manual battery swapping

Worldwide, people demand e-mobility without range limitations and the associated range anxiety, and wish for charging times below
5 minutes. The ACM battery swap
takes only 3 minutes – then you're ready
to go again!

Renewable energy storage

We offer a zero CO2 solution. The renewable energy, which is stored and used in our battery swapping system, works as a range extender. This way, the ACM vehicles are
supplied with energy 24/7 – even without
fast-charging infrastructure!

Safe low
voltage batteries
48 V

4 batteries
with 2.5 kWh
10 kWh

Weight of
each battery
10.5 kg

ONE for many.

Ride-hailing. Taxi. Sharing. Tourism. Logistics.

ONE for many

People transport
5 seats

Switch anytime

Cargo transport
2 seats + euro-pallet

ONE for the city.

Less vehicles. Intelligently networked. Better utilised.

ONE for the city

Up to 36%
cost reduction
per km

Up to 50%

ONE for us.

Shared mobility. For all. Now.

ONE for us

Reduced pollution,
improved health

Recovered city space,
better quality of life

Shared usage,
more community

ONE for the environment.

Climate friendly. Resource-saving. Energy-conscious.

ONE for the environment

70 – 100%

< 10 kWh / 100 km
energy consumption

> 50%
raw material

We are ONE.

One humanity. One planet. One climate.

One big problem
to solve

Together, we have to act now against climate change!

One great solution
for all

Improvements shown are in comparison to M1 class vehicles in the inner city areas.