Advertisement in Real-Time

Regional. Global. Everywhere.

An important element of the ACM CITY eFLEET business model is a geolocation-oriented advertising control. The intelligent linking up of the vehicles with one another and with the backend as well as bidirectional real-time data transmission open up completely new possibilities of advertising control.

From a control center, advertising campaigns including regional and global advertising content matching location and time of the day can be transferred to the vehicles in real-time.



Exterior Digital Advertising

More attention. Animated.

Digital advertising screens are developing rapidly and will soon make possible digital advertising displayed on the vehicles instead of advertisements printed on their doors and roofs. Depending on the respective location and time of the day, advertising content can be displayed on the advertising screens – of course in conformity with legal regulations for advertising in e.g. the taxi sector.



Interior Digital Advertising

The best offer. Anytime.

The interior of the vehicle also offers opportunities for digital advertising control: an infotainment platform exists in the form of a tablet which is situated on the back of the driver’s seat. In addition to informative and entertaining content, location and time-related advertising can be displayed.