Business Model

Electrical is successful.

A new approach to the urban transport of people and goods in the future – energy-efficient, resource-conserving and environmentally friendly! The competitive ACM business model is based on many different sources of income such as ride-hailing, energy sales, digital advertising and battery leasing. Together with the technological innovations, the total operating costs can be greatly reduced. Electromobility therefore no longer has to be expensive and exclusive.

Lightweight Vehicle

Less is more.

The idea underlying our approach was to develop the lightweight energy-efficient ACM CITY for the vehicle category L7E. For the intended use in city centres, we believe that a maximum speed of 90 km/h, 3 seats (one driver and two passengers) and a "backpack" trunk providing space for 2-4 suitcases should be more than sufficient.

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Modular Battery Swapping System

Drive, don’t charge.

Our solution to the range problem consists of battery modules which can be replaced manually or automatically at battery replacement stations. Charging with cable is also possible. Thanks to this battery swapping technology, operators can run their vehicles in three shifts. The amount of time required for changing the batteries is the same as that required for refuelling a gasoline-powered vehicle. This means that, in addition to the e-vehicle itself, we offer an overall package solution for electromobility including the infrastructural supply required for it.

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Intelligent Networking

Sharing instead of owning.

Networking all entities (vehicles, battery replacement stations, end users’ smartphones, backend) with real-time data transmission makes it possible to intelligently and safely control the ACM CITY eFLEET. Vehicles can work to full capacity through multiple variations of use. As a result, the vehicles can be used efficiently, thus generating high cost-saving potentials for fleet operators. The real-time data serve as the basis for innovative business models and digital advertising control.

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