CITY eTAXI Akkuwechsel

Battery Replacement Station

Sustainable planning. Sustainable driving.

An innovative modular low-voltage battery swapping system will guarantee that the electric vehicles in urban areas will be supplied with the required energy. At battery replacement stations, empty batteries can be swapped with charged ones. Thanks to photovoltaic systems, ideally mounted on the roofs of houses neighboring the station, the energy can be provided in the same place it is produced. The battery replacement stations can be installed in both the private, semi-public or public space.

CITY eTAXI Akkutausch

Battery Swap

Fast swap. Fast start.

Upon successful authentication, the empty batteries can be removed from the vehicle and replaced by charged ones at the battery replacement stations. The swap can be done by means of a simple manual operation or with the help of a support mechanism. After a few minutes, the vehicle is again completely powered and ready to go. Time for new driving fun!