Reduction of Vehicle Density

Less vehicles. Better utilized.

Exhaust fumes, fine dust, noise and traffic jam: The serious consequences of traffic congestion are increasingly visible in our cities and lead to a marked decrease in our quality of life.

The reasons for this are clearly obvious: loud and dirty diesel and gasoline cars still dominate the image of the urban traffic landscape. Electric vehicles, which are available on the market, are often neither affordable nor solve the basic problem of urban private transport. Mobility is fueled by the high proportion of oversized private vehicles that are used inefficiently – unused for the bulk of the day, blocking parking spaces and hindering traffic.

Adaptive City Mobility starts here and reimagines what eMobility can be: With innovative vehicle, utilization and energy concepts one can generate a significant relief for cities and citizens – not only economically, but above all ecologically. The vehicles can be better distributed and more efficiently used than privately owned cars. Thus, the vehicle density is reduced, the environment is protected and valuable space in the cities recovered!

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Closed Energy Chain

Regional. Renewable. Revolutionary.

eMobility only makes sense if the electric power consumed comes from renewable sources of energy. With our zero-emission eMobility system we aim to implement regional and renewable energy production, storage, and use. The result is a direct and closed energy cycle facilitating zero-CO2 eMobility.

Advantages for Fleet Operators.

With energy into the future.

Thanks to the modular battery swapping system, energy can be buffered in the battery replacement stations while renewably generated electric power can be purchased at times when electricity prices are low. Furthermore, if fleet operators have their own solar electricity source, they can produce the energy they require for powering the electric vehicles themselves and, as a result, use the vehicles autonomously at a price advantage.