Functional. Compact. Against the trend.

The design of the ACM CITY is a counterpoint to the current mainstream automotive style. Where mass produced vehicles are increasingly similar and tend to follow fashion trends, the design of the ACM CITY is geared to its function with prime focus on its users.

ACM CITY Showcar

Project initiator Paul Leibold and car designer Peter Naumann at the presentation of the Showcar in downtown Munich

The primary objective was to comfortably and practically accommodate the driver and two passengers. The high silhouette provides plenty of headroom and generous door openings facilitate easy access. There is also an ample sized trunk available for the luggage.

Exterior Design

Distinctive. Solid. And yet incredibly light.

The exterior design is a breakdown of the main functional units. Passengers are protected by a capsule-like cabin that is accented by a broad frame. The additive hood and trunk then connect the frame. These three building blocks rest on the compact contrasting base which incorporates the exchangeable batteries and the vehicle chassis.

The tapered front fenders bring an additional striking detail to the front profile. This provides not only a sturdy and rugged look, but also allows the driver easy access to its centrally positioned seat.

ACM CITY Fahrersitz

The centrally positioned driver’s seat can slide to the door and allows for a comfortable entry and exit

The color arrangement and modular design of the vehicle architecture give this short and high vehicle a harmonious proportion. Great emphasis was placed on friendly character, which is supported through the round headlights.

Interior Design

Adventurous. Alternative. A true space miracle.

The ACM CITY can be used either with or without its glass doors. In both cases, the large openings on the side make the ride for the passengers a special experience. The interior layout allows the passengers a clear view forwards past the central driver’s seat.

ACM CITY Glastüren

Through the large glass doors, the ride in the ACM CITY becomes a completely new driving experience

The especially wide driver's area facilitates easy entry and exit. The passengers in the rear sit on a comfortable bench and enjoy maximum legroom. The centrally located steering wheel is framed with a straightforward control panel which monitors most functions by means of a display. The three-seat design, the so called “backpack” trunk, and the continuous Plexiglas doors, turn the vehicle into a real space miracle.


Unmistakable. Efficient. Towards the future.

The ACM CITY will stand out in urban traffic with its unmistakable appearance, which will also attract its clientele's attention from afar. It is intended to represent a convincing alternative to individual transportation and to assist in organizing and reducing steadily sprawling traffic more efficiently.

ACM CITY Backpack

The adaptive ACM CITY is the ideal solution for future requirements of urban passenger and freight transport

Individual traffic, the taxi industry and many other sectors of urban mobility are currently in a major upheaval and will need to reinvent themselves in the future. In addition to the increasing use of commercial vehicle fleets for logistics purposes, passenger transport as a personal service will always remain an important component and complement to public transport – and will also be of significant importance in the future of autonomous driving.